Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords are terms which are relevant to the products and services which your website offers - these can be single words and, more commonly, two or three word phrases.

A thorough keyword analysis is the crucial first step to promoting any website online; it provides the basis for effective search engine optimization, online advertising such as pay per click listings, and indeed any internet marketing campaigns. Identifying the most effective keywords will enable your website to be found by those most likely to use your products and services.

A successful keyword analysis will enable targeted online promotion of your website. It will help to ensure that your website is an effective route-to-market for your business, offering a healthy return on investment. A professionally conducted keyword research can make the difference between success and failure for your website.

Our highly experienced internet marketing consultants have a long-established track record of conducting extremely comprehensive keyword analyses for a broad range of client websites. An initial brainstorming session with you enables a range of base terms to be agreed related to your key products and services: for example, a bag retailer may identify terms such as 'bags', 'leather bags', 'plastic bags', etc. This base is then thoroughly researched and expanded upon by our consultants using a combination of historical search data and bespoke in-house tools.

We will provide you with a mixture of general keywords and phrases and also more niche terms, in order that your site can obtain wide-ranging online coverage and highly targeted visitors. Our analysis can provide details of not only which terms are most popular, but also those that are likely to deliver the best return on investment and conversion rates.