Web Traffic Analysis

When you spend money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or any other kind of web marketing like social media, search marketing or even your email marketing, the question is is it working or not?.

How do you know if the money you’ve spent on your marketing is working to bring more traffic? Improve your Google rankings? Increase your sales conversions?

You want to know..

  • How many visitors are coming to my site.. Per day.. Per week.. Per year?
  • Am I getting more this year than last year?
  • What time of the year do I get the most visitors?
  • Am I getting the right KIND of visitors?
  • The kind of visitors who’ll BUY my product or service?
  • Where are they coming from? Search engines, direct traffic or referring sites?
  • Are they new or returning visitors?
  • How many visitors am I converting into sales, or genuine enquiries?

SEO Performance reports

We’ll help you find out the answers to all of these questions in a format that works for you. We offer flexible SEO Performance reports and analysis to grow your online business and your site performance and Page rank.